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  • 2021 Scholarship Winners

    In 2021, we awarded 3 scholarships to 3 deserving students for their essay submissions. Megan S. was our first place winner and received a $1,000 check, while Madison J. and Conner K., the second and third place winners, each received a $500 check. Congratulations to our scholarship winners! The participants were asked to write an essay on the question: “How has COVID affected you and your financial plans?” Megan’s winning essay is as follows:

    My family’s financial plans have been deeply impacted by COVID as we lost a source of income. This loss was not due to being misplaced out of work. It is because my mother passed away this past December from COVID. Not only has her passing changed my life drastically in so many ways, but it also left our family in financial need. As a freshman in college, it is stressful to figure out how to pay for school while not having enough time to get a job during the school semester. This put my family at a loss in all aspects.

    During December I was also unable to work during the entire break. I had started off break working at Target but then also got COVID passed to me. This then forced me to take time away from work and during that time off, my mother passed away which extended my leave. I was only able to work one day in January before I headed back to school. This put me behind in my financial plan. I will be working over the summer but may need to get a second job to keep on top of my student loans.

    I will most likely need to get a job during the school year to help pay for my needs at school such as gas and food. This job would impact my academics as the time I need to focus and study would reduced. I am a hardworking student-athlete who has been deeply impacted by COVID in both the emotional and financial aspects.