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  • 5th Annual Scholarship Winner

    Josephine R. was presented a $1000 scholarship check at our Annual Meeting, Saturday, April 14, 2018. Josephine was our 5th Annual Scholarship winner for submitting an essay on ‘In this world of having everything at your fingertips and the constant struggle to meet your financial obligations, what does the phrase “living within your means” mean to you and how do you practice this in your daily life?’

    ‘A person who “lives within their means” is someone who is financially fit. They know how to handle money, never spending more than they earn. They capitalize on opportunities to get ahead, rather than constantly paying back debt. Being financially stable is an important quality to have throughout life, but many people fail to develop this skill and struggle with financial burdens.

    I have witnessed firsthand why it is important to set aside money for the future from the example set forth by my grandparents. When my grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, there were many concerns on my grandma’s mind, but money was not one of them, My grandparents had been smart and set aside a savings account and investments so they were able to afford in-home care as my grandpa’s disease progressed. My grandpa was able to live out his life within the comforts of his own home, next to the person he loved most, never having to be admitted into a nursing home facility.

    As I grow closer to becoming an adult, I realize how many responsibilities lie ahead, and financial stability is one I prioritize. I look at my grandparent’s situation and am guided by their example of smart financial planning. In the fall I will be expanding my independence when I go away to college. I plan to keep a part time job to help ease the heavy blow of tuition, therefore ensuring I will not face as much student debt for my future. I have also taken advantage of free college classes offered at my school for the past two years, allowing me to earn credit hours for classes that I won’t have to take or pay for when I get to college. This is one way I have prepared for my future expenses, and am thankful for the free college credit hours earned through my high school.

    I hope to always keep the mindset of “living within my means”, as it will lead to a successful future. Prioritizing “needs” and saving up for the “wants” is one way I plan to always stay ahead. Though I know my life will not be perfect and I will face many drawbacks, these obstacles can be overcome by using the same mentality I have learned at a young age. Practicing smart habits now will lead to a financially confident future.’