Fee Schedule

Share Account Fees

Excessive Withdrawal Fee $ 1.00/Withdrawal, after twelve (12) withdrawals in a calendar quarter.
Official Third Party Check Withdrawal Fee $ 2.00/Check.
Money Orders $1.00/Check
Inactive Account Fee $ 10.00/Month after twelve (12) inactive months.
Below The Required Minimum Balance Fee
$ 5.00/Month after thirty (30) days below the required minimum.

Checking Account Fees

Overdraft Transfer Fee
$ 5.50/Item.
NSF Fee $ 31.00/Item.
Honor Fee $ 31.00/Item.
Stop Payment Fee $ 31.00/Item.
Copy of share draft fee $ 3.00/copy or free if obtainable through your eZAccountAccess.(online banking)
Check Printing Fee Prices vary depending upon style.

Other Services Fees
(applicable to all accounts)

Check Copy of Deposited Item fee $ 5.00/Copy.
Account Reconciliation $ 2.50/Quarter hour.
Statement Copy Fee $ 2.00/Statement.
Deposited Item Return Fee $ 31.00/Item.
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming) $ 15.00/Transfer.
Person to Person Telephone Transaction Fee $ 2.00/Transfer.
Account Closure Fee $ 5.00/If account closed within ninety (90) days.
Fax Request Fee $ 5.00/ Transmission.
Photo Copy Fee $ .50/Copy.
Star™/MasterMoney™ Check Card Replacement Fee $ 10.00/Card Replaced.
VISA® Card Replacement Fee $ 10.00/Card Replaced.
Loan or VISA® Late Payment Fee $ 30.00/Month.
Cash Advance on Non-Credit Union VISA® $ 5.00/Advance.

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

MasterMoney™ Check Card Credit Transaction No charge.
MasterMoney™ Check Card Debit Transaction No Charge.
Transactions at ATM No Charge.
POS Transaction at Star® POS Terminal No Charge.
Overdraft Transfer Fee $ 5.50/Transfer.
NSF Fee $ 31.00/Item.
Honor Fee $ 31.00/Item.
Stop Payment Fee $ 31.00/Item.

Legal Process

Handling Of Notice Of Garnishment, Levy, Notice to Withhold or Similar Legal Process Served Against Account $ 20.00.
Research (Time and Mileage) $ 20.00/Hour plus Mileage at IRS Rate.

Share Value

Par value of one share $5.00.